2015 Giant early release bikes are now here.

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2014 Events

shimano grand prix

There are some great MTB events coming up in the new year

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27.5″ Wheels


27.5, is a wheel size that has become very real and tangible for the new 2014 Giant bike range. And it doesn’t look like it is going to be an overnight fad. I know to most it is all just a bunch of numbers, 29er, 26″, and now 27.5″. But what does all this mean for the rider and what is actually the best wheel size for you?

To help iron out some of the confusion we thought that we would post some links to some fantastic articles, which tackle the issue of wheel size–37189/


Stay posted for more links as we find them.


Giant Technology

Some companies buy their frames, while others make their own!

giant tech

For those of you who are interested. Giant have released a 10 week online ”Composite Clinic” on their Facebook page to help the punters better understand the technology and to get an idea of what really goes on behind the scenes. Giant will post new info each week for the next 9 weeks, so stay tuned.

To get you started, this article which bicycling Australia featured a week or so ago, is very informative

Go to ‘Giant Bicycles Australia’ on Facebook.

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Giant Propel


Propel Aero Road Bikes

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